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About Us

Greenisen Haflingers began in June of 1989 when the first Haflingers were brought to the family farm in Salem, OH by brothers Joel and Phil. Two bred grade mares began the Haflinger herd. It was not long until we realized that raising registered Haflingers cost no more than raising grades, so we sold the two mares and their foals. We purchased our first registered mare at the fall NODPA sale in Wooster in 1990. Candice Laurie provided us with many good foals as well as being a wonderful pleasure driving mare. Before she retired, she logged many pleasurable miles on drives and collected many blue ribbons. She was soon joined by many other Haflingers so that the barn was filled to overflowing with twelve mares.

By 1991, Joel decided that it was too long a trip to drive from Michigan to Ohio to see the horses so he found a beautiful farm in Ypsilanti, MI. We divided the herd, sold some and purchased some additional horses. Both farms maintained small breeding operations breeding high quality pleasure type horses. We have maintained active positions in several breed organizations in an effort to promote the breed. We welcome visitors – we are always happy to “talk Haflingers”.

Phil and Marge Greenisen
1904 Depot Road
Salem, OH 44460